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Arcylic Nails, Gel Nails, Dipping Nails, Waxing, and Nail Spa Treatments: Pampered Luxury Manicures in Aurora

Do you want a beautiful manicure in Aurora? Then pay a visit to our nail salon now. Our nail shop offers luxurious nail salon manicures that are sure to leave your fingernails looking beautiful for weeks!

The Best Nail Salon Aurora Offers Relaxing Manicure Services

When our nail salon clients have their nails expertly manicured, they enjoy a soothing and elegant experience. We recognize that finding time in their busy life to arrange an appointment for a manicure and/or pedicure can be challenging for our beauty salon customers, but we make it simple for you to take care of yourself at our nail salon. Our manicurists have been trained by the best and will leave your beautiful nails and hands feeling soft, supple, and callus-free!

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Manicure Services with the Best Nail Care

Our nail salon clients deserve the best nail care services. Since you’re looking for the perfect salon to get your manicure (or a pedicure); the best nail salon in Aurora offers a variety of manicure services that will leave your nails feeling luxurious.

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Are you looking for one-of-a-kind nail art designs? When it comes to nail art, our nail salon provides a wide range of options, from bright colors with flowers painted on them to gold decals and/or adornment stones. Our customers may select from a variety of colorful and contemporary hues as well as natural nail paint tones like light pink or nude, which are perfect if you want something modest but yet unique. There is really nothing better than having beautifully polished hands and nails!

So, how long are you going to wait?

With a qualified nail technician at Aurora’s top-rated nail salon, you can turn your fingers into gorgeous nails. Beautifully manicured nails are just a salon visit away! Remember, our nail shop has an amazing selection of gel nail polish colors but feel free to bring your favorite nail polish color from home.

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Hydrating Manicures For Your Hands at a Luxury Nail Salon in Aurora

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The hands and nails of our nail salon customers are treated! Because we leave our nail salon clients feeling and looking beautiful, our nail salon has been dubbed the best nail care service provider in town! Our nail salon manicure services will treat your cuticles with nourishing oil, then trim and shape your fingernails to the nail shape you desire.

Skin that is dry? Your dry skin is hydrated with a moisturizer that includes top-quality creams, aloe vera, and/or paraffin dips to seal in moisture and make your arms, fingers, and hands smooth and supple at the best nail salon in Aurora.

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Manicure Benefits in Aurora’s Best Nail Care


    • A nail salon manicure is more than just painted nails.
    • Our manicures at the best nail salon in Aurora come with many benefits.
    • Getting a manicure at a nail salon can make you feel better.
    • Having a manicure is an excellent form of self-care that everyone should practice.
    • Beautifully manicured nails will enhance your self-confidence and make you feel beautiful!
    • A nail salon manicure can also protect your nails from chipping, cracking and peeling.
    • Maintaining regular manicures is also beneficial for healthy nails.
    • In addition, the hand massage provided by our manicurists with a little lotion will leave you feeling relaxed after one of the most satisfying nail salon services you’ve ever experienced.
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Manicure Nail Treatments Offered at the Best Nail Salon in Aurora


Acrylic Nail Service at our Aurora Nail Salon

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Clients of nail salons sometimes want acrylic nails that last for a long time. Our nail salon offers acrylic nail services, but if you have the nail bed filed down, acrylic nails tend to cause damage over time. For this reason, we suggest you consult with your nail experts to discuss your nail health goals because we have gentler manicure options such as gel nails and dip powder nail services.


Gel Nails at the Best Ranked Nail Salon in Aurora

Nail Technician Manicurist Nail Salon Professionals Gel Nails UV Lamp

The gel manicure is perfect for those of you who are busy or need their nails to be more durable. Gel nails can last up to three weeks without chips, cracks or peels! Since your natural nail is not removed during gel nail treatments, you do not have to worry about damaging it.


The Best Nail Salon Lacquer Nail Service

A lacquer nail paint option is durable and will last for a couple of weeks. It is a great alternative to gel or acrylic nails that can be easily maintained at home between manicure appointments. You can bring your own nail polish to our nail shop or choose from hundreds of nail paint colors.


Our Nail Salon in Aurora offers Shellac nails

Shellac manicures prevent natural nails from chipping or peeling for three weeks. You can also remove shellac at home with acetone, which is less expensive than having them professionally removed every time! We have hundreds of nail paint color options at our nail shop, or you can bring your own nail polish from home.


Dip Powder Manicure at the Best Nail Lounge in Aurora

The most expensive option is to dip your nails, but they last for weeks. Our nail salon clients who like to experiment with different nail styles or have trendy nails will love these because they come in a variety of nail polish colors and nail art designs. Also, dip powder nails protect the nails from harsh chemicals such as household cleaners!

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Nail Extension Service at Our Nail Salon in Aurora

A nail extension is an extension of your natural nail, whether it is acrylic nails, gel nails, or regular nail polish. You can discuss the length or shape of your nails with your manicurist. This comes with its risks as well; if you don’t get frequent manicures then this manicure may not work for you; nail extension requires more maintenance than other nail manicure options.


The Best Nail Shop in Aurora’s Ombre Nail Design Service

Creating an ombre effect on your fingernails is as easy as matching dark and light nail polish colors. This manicure nail design service gives our nail salon clients a two-toned look with lighter nail polish shades at the top like ivory or white, to darker nail polish hues at the bottom like browns, pinks, blues or purples. Nail art designs are endless, schedule your manicure consultation with a trained nail salon manicurist today.


Sanitation Procedures at Aurora’s Top Nail Bar

Nail Technician Manicurist Nail Salon Professionals gloves safety

Most nail salon clients may not think about the importance of sanitation when they go to the beauty salon. Before touching your nails, our nail techs wash their hands with soap and water. Additionally, we disinfect all manicure stations and nail salon tools that come into contact with salon staff or clients. We do not share unsanitized salon equipment like nail files, nail buffers or nail clippers because we are concerned about the health and safety of our nail salon clients. Our nail salon clients’ safety is just as important as our beauty salon licensing and training.

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We Welcome Walk-ins and Appointments for Manicures!

If you’re not sure about coming into the nail salon without an appointment, please give the salon a call and our nail techs can set up a manicure service at your convenience! You will also be able to walk in for manicures and pedicures at the nail salon. Be patient. We usually have a waitlist for our luxury nail care service.

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Manicures: FAQs

Artificial nails are quite popular these days due to the diverse designs and colors they come in. If you are a person of funky tastes with a leaning to bright shades and high contrasts, artificial nails are your thing. You can choose artificial nails if you want to get creative with your nails.

Your choice of manicure greatly depends on your personality. Remember that, besides its role in cleaning your nails, a manicure is an art. Tastes differ according to person. If you prefer simple and elegant nail designs you should for a French Manicure. American Manicure is ideal for those women who love paler shades. There are many types of manicures as the list is never-ending. Talk to your nail technician or browse images of various nail designs before choosing your manicure.

As the name sounds a reverse French manicure is the opposite of a French manicure. Here you will have paler shades at the moon of your nails followed by darker shades in the other regions of your nails. The shades used in a reverse French manicure also depend on the season; darker shades for winter and bright ones for summer.

Gel nail polish and regular nail polish have a fundamental difference in their constitution. Regular nail polishes are like paint and dries quickly. However the gel nail polish, as the name suggests, is a gel compound. The gel nail polish requires curing or drying under a LED lamp. UV rays are also used to cure the gel nail polish. Gel nail polish is being increasingly used these days due to its ability to last long and resist chipping. It has a glassy surface as opposed to acrylic which looks like a plastic coating.

The gel nail polish lasts for up to 3-4 weeks without chipping. This increases the gap between your salon visits, saving you time and money. It is non-porous which means that it does not let moisture from the atmosphere into your nails. With a glassy finish, gel nail polish looks very classic and adorable.